Studiehoek 3: Pedagogische- & onderwijskundige bronnen op Internet

leren en onderwijzen


Historische Pedagogiek
De beste site op dit gebied, geeft onder andere informatie over belangrijke pedagogen en onderwijskundigen vanaf 1800. Don Bosco / Dewey / Freinet / Freire / Fröbel / Herbart / Kerschensteiner Korczak webpages / Mead / Montessori / Neill / Parkhurst / Piaget / Steiner / Vygotsky.

Janusz Korczak
Janusz Korczak, biografie / Korczak Communication Center.

Maria Montessori
The Montessori Method of education.

History of Freinet Pedagogy. The principal features of his pedagogy.

Veränderte Kindheit
Thematische Führungen: Veränderte Kindheit / Kindheit 1992/93

The New Child
British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood.

Children's Dress
18th Century Costume: Children's Dress. Plates from McClellan's History of American Costume.


The Child Development Resource for Parents
The resource to enhance your child's development from prenatal to age 5- what to look for, what to do, and what's unique about your child. ParentPartners translates the latest developments in early learning theory by funding groundbreaking research at Harvard Project Zero, The Brazelton Institute, Columbia University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Elementary and Early Childhood Educational Resources
This page contains links to Internet sites that have some connection with the development and education of children from birth through adolescence. Sites are World Wide Web sites unless otherwise noted.

School Psychology Resources Online
for the school psychology community. Information on learning disabilities, ADHD, gifted, autism, adolescence, parenting, psychological assessment, classroom management, special education, k-12, mental health, reading, research, and more. Reprint valuable handouts for parents and teachers.

Classic theories of child development
Overview of the theoreticians / Erik Erikson's conceptualizations / Sigmund Freud's conceptualizations Margaret Mahler's conceptualizations / Month-by-month look at development. Other child development-related links.

Educational Psychology Topics
Bronnen en links onderwijstheorie en onderwijspraktijk psychologische accenten.

leren en onderwijzen

Herziene kerndoelen voor het basisonderwijs
SLO 1998

Database voor leren en onderwijzen met beknopte en overzichtelijke informatie.

The Theory Into Practice Database
Een overzicht met 50 benaderingen van leren en onderwijzen, met links.

Hypertextbook Engines for Educators (Index)
Een hypertextboek geschreven vanuit een eigentijdse visie op leren en onderwijzen.

Constructivism: From philosophy to practice
Een cursorische beschrijving van constructivistische onderwijsopvattingen en praktijken.

The project approach
Op deze site zijn ervaringen opgeslagen met projectmatig onderwijs.

Cooperative Learning Concepts
Een heldere omschrijving van wat samenwerkend leren bedoelt te zijn.

Social Psychology Textbooks
Op deze sociaal-psychologische site komen topics voor die direct of indirect te maken hebben met de thematiek van Waarden en Normen. De site bevat ook een zoekoptie.

Teaching Methods/Subjects
MacGraw-Hill College. Area Resources Links.

Educational Psychology Topics
MacGraw-Hill College. Area Resources Links.

Critical Thinking Library (Center for Critical Thinking, Sonoma)
A page of readings on theory and practice of Critical Thinking pedagogy, including "A Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms", "Socratic Teaching", "Why Students-and Sometimes Teachers-Don't Reason Well", and "Pseudo Critical Thinking in the Educational Establishment".

Mission Critical (critical thinking skills)
San Jose State University created this virtual lab, utilizing the Web's interactive capacities to help teach basic critical thinking skills, which are part of the transfer core curriculum in California's higher education system.

Pathways to School Improvement
The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory in cooperation with the Regional Educational Laboratory network.


Ethical Decision Making
An Approach to Ethical Decision Making. Ethics or morality poses questions about how we ought to act and how we should live. It is an inquiry into the justification of particular actions (are these actions right or wrong?), as well as a search for traits of moral character that promote human flourishing.

Ethics Connection
The web site of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. From the opening homepage, the user is presented with opportunities to interact: links to other sections of the site, areas of dialogue and practicing ethics, and the latest news and publications in the field of ethics and the site itself. A powerful, site-specific internal search engine enables users to pinpoint the data which they might need among hundreds of constantly refined libraries of ethical information and decision-making tools.

Teaching Ethics in Public Schools
Text Slide show program IUSD.